At UFV we offer the subject “Complementary formative activities” to all of our students, including the exchange ones. It consists of 6 ECTS and is different to the usual courses, because here you can join different activities the University proposes, that contain a certain part of ECTS each of them, until you sum up tp 6 ECTS. The different activities one can join are day trips and weekend trips in Spain with Spanish students, but also semester-long courses such as the choir, the drama group, the debate club, etc. Some of them are punctual (ex. day trip), but others require an engagement of attendance. If you’re coming for a semester, you must do the 6ECTS in this time; whereas if you’re coming for a year, you can distribute the activities along the year. It’s not possible to get more than 6 ECTS for this subject.

Important: note if an exchange student courses this multidisciplinary subject, the transcript of records won’t show a mark, but it will only reflect whether the student has passed the subject or not. Depending on your home university’s grading system you will be able to get ECTS for these kind of activities or not (it’s important you make sure how your University works before including this subject in your Learning Agreement).

Note: if you don’t need the ects, however, you can join any of these activities: they’re open to all students!

Although UFV offers a great amount of activities along the semester, at the International Relations Office we have made a selection of those we believe will interest most our exchange students:

  1. INTERCULTURAL PROGRAM (max. 3 ECTS/semester): it consists on several day-trips and weekend trips to Spanish cities of interest: Toledo, El Escorial, Córdoba… With both Spanish and foreign students. There will also be a couple of activities in Madrid, such as going to the cinema, to see the Opera at the Royal Theatre, etc. We know how difficult it may be to start your life at a new city, this is why when we do trips we usually do group dynamics so we can “break the ice” and meet as many new students as possible. There will always be a tour guide that speaks Spanish and English so everyone can understand the explanations about the cities we visit. Regarding the price, we work hard for our students to pay as little as possible. At the Orientation Sessions we will let you know how to book your place for the different trips and plans. It will be mandatory to answer a quizz after the program has finished and to write a short document telling about your experience. Important: the maximum number of students that can apply for each cultural trip is 30. We will use the principle “first come, first serve”: the sooner you book your place, the better. Here you can see the schedule of intercultural activities we will do the first semester. Even if the sum of all ECTS proposed here is more than 3, a student can only get 3 ECTS for the intercultural program. If you go to all of the activities (we’ll be happy about it, of course!) you will, nevertheless, get no more than 3 ECTS. 2nd semester’s intercultural program:ontact:
Month Activity Date Price (pax) ECTS credits
January Toledo 19/01/2020 20 € 0,3
February El Escorial 1-2/02/2020 50 € 0,6
Cultural plan in Madrid February 5-10€ 0,15
Ávila 16/02/2020 20 € 0,3
March Cultural plan in Madrid March 5-10€ 0,15
Aranjuez 22/03/2020 20 € 0,3
April Cultural plan in Madrid April 5-10€ 0,15
May Hiking 19/05/2020 5-10€ 0,3

2. BUDDY PROGRAM (max. 0,50 ects/semester): we will put you in touch with a Spanish student that is willing to welcome you and meet international students. The first requirement is you asnwer your Spanish buddy’s email (your buddy shall contact you soon once you’ve applied for the BP) before before the 20th of December. You will be able to obtain 0’10 ECTS for participating in the introduction meeting with all of the buddies on Wednesday, 15th of January from 13:30 to 15:00 at the UFV. This first meeting is mandatory for all buddies, unlike the rest of activities along the semester (you will be able to get 0,10 ECTS for each activity you participate in voluntarily). In any case it will be mandatory to answer a quizz after the program has finished and to write a short document telling about your experience. Attendance to the introduction meeting is mandatory. More info about the dates of the activities with all buddies here. Contact: Apply here.

3. ACTING WORKSHOP | IN ENGLISH (1,5 ects/semester): Mondays fom 15:00 to 18:00 at UFV campus. This course is focused in acting exercises such as improvisations, concentration games, preparing short scenes, doing body training, too, in order to improve one’s own communication skills (expressing one-self, working with others, etc.) having fun. Attendance is compulsory. Contact: Apply here.

4. SPANISH INSTABLOG (1 ECTS/semester): it consists on creating a new Instagram account and publishing different posts about your stay in Madrid/UFV. The aim of this is for other students to know about your exchange experience and awakening their wish of going abroad, too. Contact: See requirements and application here.

5. OTHER SEMESTER-LONG COURSES: From September to December we suggest our students to join any of these courses, where they will mix with Spanish and international students:

  • Choir (0’75 ects/semester): Wednesdays from 12:00 to 16:00 – the student can choose which 2 hours from this schedule suits him/her best. Additionally, if the student participates in the final concert and the previous rehearsals, he/she will be able to get up to 1 ECTS. Attendance is compulsory. Apply sending an email to:
  • Spanish drama group (0’75 ects/semester): Wednesdays from 12:00 to 14:00. Students will prepare a drama piece in order to act it out at the University in December. You can join this group not only to act, but also to help our with the lights, the costumes, etc. Attendance is compulsory. Apply sending an email to:
  • Debates club: Wednesdays from 12:00 to 14:00. Requirements will be soon published. Attendance is compulsory. Apply sending an email to:
  • UFV’s radio station (0’75 ects/semester): 1 hour per week, students can choose their schedule noting the programs run from Monday to Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00. Attendance is compulsory. Apply sending an email to:
  • Volunteering (0,75 ects/semester). There are volunteering activities along the semester about which you’ll be able to know in September. There is no stable program, but many punctual initiatives. In order to access to this information you shall enter in «Aula Virtual» once you’re at UFV. A students can obtain up to 0,75 ECTS per semester. Apply sending an email to:


  • Language support in Highlands Los Fresnos Primary School, Madrid (2 ects/semester). For English native speakers or students with a C2 English level. It consists on giving English conversation to primary school students 4 hours/week in the morning and organizing games for them during recess time. Duration: 10 weeks. More info here. Attendance is compulsory. Apply here.
  • Language exchange program with Spanish students. In process of being defined.

7. MENTORING PROGRAM (0’15 ects/semester): it consists on 4 individual meetings with a UFV mentor to help you out with your exchange stay. The content of these meetings are: learning to look into things more deeply, getting to know one-self better, making the most of your stay by setting some goals you want to achieve, and being aware of the possibility of building a better world through your own existence. Once you’ve applied for it, attendance is compulsory, unless you don’t need the ects, in which case you may abandon the program freely. Apply here.