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Our Buddy Program aims at stimulating academic and social integration of our international students so as to make them feel at ease during their stay at the UFV and Madrid. Moreover, it is considered improving international understanding and providing cultural enrichment among our students.

The idea is to match international with local UFV students at the very beginning of the semester, and encourage them to meet, interact and participate in University life.
Besides expanding their social network, local students have shown a great interest in practicing a foreign language; therefore we try to match not only according to course of studies and hobbies, but also to the language. However, the running languages usually are Spanish and English, as communication is certainly a key to integration. So what we do is:

  • We create pairs of buddies: one local sudent and one international student. This enables a friendship between them. Uusually the Spanish buddy tries to help out the international buddy when he/she arrives to the UFV, showing him/her the campus, helping with the enrollment, etc. They are conscious that it is not easy to start a “new life” in a new surrounding.
  • Creating spaces where all people who have applied for the Buddy Program can meet: especially, meals at UFV.

Carlota & Seongyung

What is a Buddy?

Buddies are socially engaged UFV student volunteers from all faculties, who would like to meet international students and support them in the process of settling into university life and adapt to their new surroundings. It can make a big difference to an international student to be greeted in a new city by a friendly face! Obviously, you can decide for yourself how much time to spend with your buddy.

Your buddy might pick you up at the airport; if not, he/she will go with you to the UFV for the first day of the orientation sessions (9th of January).

Advantages of applying to the Buddy Program

• You will be in touch with a UFV student before you arrive to Madrid, so you already have someone to meet at the beggining of your stay.

• You will be able to improve your Spanish thanks both to your buddy and to the cultural activities we do as a group.

• You will be part of a very special international group, which is composed by many Spanish students. You will also meet exchange students who are in your same situation.

• The most important thing is it enables you to meet loads of new people who are also willing to meet people like you!!

*Note: it is not mandatory to go to the encounters with your buddy. You can always come on your own. Note that at each activity there is always someone new, someone who comes for the first time, so don’t feel shy because many students will be in your same situation! 😉


The Buddy Programs gives ECTS to students. Incoming students can get a maximum of 0,5 ECTS per semester. The conditions described below must be covered by all students, not only by those who want to obtain ECTS. Next to each activity we indicate how many ECTS we give for it.


  1. Answer your buddy before December 31st (if he/she hasn’t contacted you by then, let us know).
  2. Come to the introductory meal-presentation of the program: Wednesday, 15th of January from 13:30 to 15:00 (0,10 ECTS).
  3. Write a final work that sums up your experience in this program, as well as answering an online quizz in which you value your experience (0,10).


  1. International food competition: Wednesday, February 12th from 12:00 to 14:00 (0,10 ECTS).
  2. Lunch: Wednesday, March 11th from 12:00 to 14:00 (0,10 ECTS).
  3. Farewell lunch: Wednesday, April 15th from 13:30 to 16:00 (0,10 ECTS).

Apply HERE before the 15th of December!

What exchange students value most about the program…


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