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Acting class in English with both exchange and local students focused on useful dimensions for the professional and personal life. 1,5 ects/semester. 1st semester’s schedule: Mondays from 15:00 to 18:00 at the UFV. Attendance is compulsory.


Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

  • How we look: exercizes about paying attention to one-self, to the group and to the space. Improvisation exercizes to learn to look beyond in a fiction situation as if it were a real one (learn that in all scenarios there are more factors to take into account than what I see, etc.).
  • How we listen: listening exercizes to learn to look others. Necessary conditions to enable an encounter with other character. Team work. Listening to your body. Decission making.
  • Improvisation: developing the ability to solve a conflict in little time and to construct instead of deconstructing. Learning to deepen in the different subjects that come up.
  • Memory and immagination as tools to deal with a problem. To discover the treasure inside of us and how useful it can be to give creative solutions in the personal, academic and profesisonal dimensions.
  • The body as another useful tool at the service of our own life. Voice and body exercizes.
  • Comunitary dimension: you get to meet new and different people with whom in the end you will probably become friends.
  • Challenge: the student will count with him/herself as the main tool to work in class; you will be able to discover new dimensions of yourself and go through different bareers and overcome them, becoming more secure of yourself.

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Deadline: 30th of June, 2019.