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The Spanish Instablog initiative is born so that students at your home university can live your exchange experience through your eyes, following you daily in the things you do. The aim of this account is to show others how positive an exchange experience can be. Of course, without hiding the tough moments one usually goes through, too.

The maximum of ECTS a students can get for this is 1 ECTS, if you follow all the requirements, which are:

  1. To create a new Instagram account with your name + your home town + UFV. For example: @peter_amsterdam_ufv.
  2. You shall publish 1 post per day, starting the day you leave your country. Your last post will be the day you turn back home. You must publish at least 90 posts per semester. It won’t be valid to publish more then 1 post of each activity (in this case, you must publish it all in one post, in an album).
  3. You must appear in at least 60 of the posts you publish (we want to see you!).
  4. At least 4 posts will show the UFV campus (cafeteria, green zones, the library… anything you find defines UFV); 4 posts will show important place in Madrid (Palacio Real, Museo del Prado, etc.); 4 posts will show people you’ve met here (classmates, flatmates, your buddy, etc.); 4 posts will show different non-touristical places (the mountains, lakes, other Spanish cities, sports, etc.); 4 posts showing Spanish or madrileños’ traditions (ex. toros, paella, zaruela, etc.).
  5. Two posts must be video interviews to friends’ you’ve made here, in which they answer to these questions: their name, where they’re from, waht do they study/work at, how they met you and what plans you usually do when you meet.
  6. The rest of the posts are free. Some ideas: just showing your day to day life, discoveries you make about living in this new city or about living on your own, meetings with friends, studying, etc.
  7. Up to 10 posts can be paraphrasing important Spanish personalities, or Spanish known sayings.
  8. At the end of your exchange we will ask you to fill an online quizz and to participate in a short video with all the other instabloggers.

Apply here for the 2nd semester 2019-2020

Take a look at the Instablogs of some of our Spanish students to get inspired!!

Irene Gracia, Erasmus+ exchange in Vilnius, Lithuania:

Sara Candel, Erasmus+ exchange in Budapest, Hungary:

Nico Vázquez, bilateral exchange in Columbia, USA:

Álvaro Ruz, Erasmus+ exchange in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands: