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Clinical Electives Requirements for students from Foreign Universities (NON ERASMUS)

Procedure for students from universities with whom an exchange agreement may exist or otherwise. The following PROCESS must be followed:

Application  OPEN for 2020

1st October – 30 November

  1. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: only those students that at the moment of taking part in the Elective at the UFV have at least finished their fourth year of studies (third year for students from the USA) and are registered at a university during the Elective will be admitted. Preference will be given to students taking higher courses. Students must be provide a proof of enrollment from current year.
  2. APPLICATIONS DEADLINES: Each academic year, applications will be accepted from 1st October until 30 November. Any application outside this period will not be considered.
  3. PERIOD AND DURATION OF THE CLINICAL ELECTIVES: Stays of 4 weeks for all the associated hospitals to the UFV during the months between March and December of each academic year, except when another specific agreement between universities regarding the duration or time period has been reached.
  4. APPLICATION: Students must fill out the form (at the end of this page) indicating the Elective requested, speciality and dates. Acceptance or refusal of the application will be sent between February and March.
  5. ADMINISTRATIVE FEES: Once the place has been confirmed to the student, all the applications for clinical electives will entail administrative expenses of €475/per month, unless another pre-established agreement with the university of origin exists. The student should send the receipt of having made the necessary payment within the period of time that will be communicated once accepted
  6. SPECIALITIES: The specialities that can be eligible for clinical electives are detailed below. The UFV will assess the availability of each speciality for the time periods requested:
  • Internal Medicine
  • General Surgery and the Digestive System
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Emergency
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Intensive Care
  • Ophthalmology


In order to apply for Clinical Electives the candidate must upload the following information:

  • Photo
  • Passport
  • Transccript of records (including last year’s record)
  • Recommendation letter from the Dean or corresponding official position at the university of origin.

Once the student’s application has been approved by the International Department of the School of Medicine, the students must submit the following documents to Marta Butragueño ( Deadline for handing in these documents will be two months before the clinical rotation starts. Students who don’t have their file completed will automaticaly withdrawn.

  • Information regarding immunization against hepatitis B. / Vaccination schedule. Proof of Immunization UFV.
  • Civil liability insurance (100.000€) and insurance for repatriation.
  • Certificate of Spanish Language Level
  • Proof of payment of administrative fees.