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UFV’s Internationalization Vicechancellorship will monthly organize an event for international alumni. The topics will always have to do with current issues. Encounters are open to all internationalalumni, as well as to local students who are friends with them and with currently incoming students.


We are pleased to announce the guest for our first event will be Lupe de la Vallina, reknowned Spanish protograher, who has a pretty international story, both professionally and personally.

The meeting will be titled Can my passion become my job?, where Lupe will tell us how what she really loves doing has actually become a full-time job, something she would have never expected could happen.

Lupe will help us remember what our passions are and reconsider the space we give them in our lives.

  • Day: Tuesday, 10th of November, 2020.
  • Time: 20:30 (Madrid time zone).
  • Platform: Teams.