Choose your language esen

The UFV offers a support program to all of our students, both local and international ones. It’s the Mentoring Program, that aims to help out the student during their stay at university to get to know themselves better as well as to make decissions that go in the direction of the student’s goals.

The Mentoring Program for exchange students consists on 4 individual meetings along the semester with a UFV mentor that is familiar with the challenges one must face when living abroad. The content pursues to help the student’s personal and academic development: learn to look at things from different perspectives, looking further than appearance, establish personal-academic goals from one mentorship to another, get to know or rediscover my own abilities and what I’m gifted for, see the other as a friend, take advantage of the difficult moments, etc.

The student can choose to have these mentorships in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Apply before June 15th!


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