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Dear students,

We are writing you from the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization to tell you: we want to keep in touch with you! 🙂
Right now the academic year is practically over, but the bonds of friendship that have been formed among you and also with the UFV awaken in us the desire to “keep the flame alive”.
That is why we are going to create soon a network of UFV international alumni of which we will invite you to be a part, as well as the foreign students who have done an exchange this course, and the buddies who have accompanied the “Erasmus” students and those who have participated in the Intercultural Program.

What kind of content will the UFV International Alumni network have?
  • Online coffees between all of us.
  • Fun plans (games, culture…).
  • Meetings on current topics.
  • International employability network.
  • Host network in different countries.
  • An annual trip for all of us of 3-5 days long.
In September we will write to you so that you can register, if you wish, in this new UFV community. 😉
In the meanwhile we send you a big hug and wish you a great summer!