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Acting classes in English/Spanish (there will be both possibilities if there are enough students for both languages) with exchange and local students focused on useful dimensions for the professional and personal life.

Incoming students may obtain 3 ects/semester it they take this course it as a subject, but you can also take it as a leisure activity. For local students the maximum will be 1,5 ects/semester.

You can choose between 2 schedules for the 1st semester:

1. Mondays from 11:00 to 14:00 (English-taught). To be confirmed.

2. Thursdays from 15:00 to 18:00 (Spanish-taught). To be confirmed.




  • How we look: exercizes about paying attention to one-self, to the group and to the space. Improvisation exercizes to learn to look beyond in a fiction situation as if it were a real one (learn that in all scenarios there are more factors to take into account than what I see, etc.).
  • How we listen: listening exercizes to learn to look others. Necessary conditions to enable an encounter with other character. Team work. Listening to your body. Decission making.
  • Improvisation: developing the ability to solve a conflict in little time and to construct instead of deconstructing. Learning to deepen in the different subjects that come up.
  • Memory and immagination as tools to deal with a problem. To discover the treasure inside of us and how useful it can be to give creative solutions in the personal, academic and profesisonal dimensions.
  • The body as another useful tool at the service of our own life. Voice and body exercizes.
  • Comunitary dimension: you get to meet new and different people with whom in the end you will probably become friends.
  • Challenge: the student will count with him/herself as the main tool to work in class; you will be able to discover new dimensions of yourself and go through different bareers and overcome them, becoming more secure of yourself.

– See this subject’s Syllabus for 2021-2022 –


Helena Furquim, brazilian exchange student: “Everyone should learn the basics of drama”


Helena Furquim, Architecture student from Brazil

The acting workshop at the UFV has helped me develop habilities and resources I never thought I could. I had naver taken drama lessons before, and doing so has meaned an important process. Since I got to Madrid I’ve been working a lot on my communication due to the change of language and because of meeting so many new people. The classes have showed me new ways of expressing myself and communicate what I feel, as well as new ways of connecting with myself – which is another important point of Erasmus.

What is more, speaking in public has always been one of my weaknesses, and I feel this has improved a lot since the acting classes started: I feel much more comfortable now when speaking in front of an audience. I love having had the possibility to discover such a beautiful universe – acting – during my exchange, which is such an important experience for me. I think drama is something essential nowadays, and I’d suggest everyone to take some classes – at least one with the basics. It’s very beutiful how classes “open you” so you learn to express yourself in different ways.