Prof. Alessandra Carucci (Vice Rector, International Affairs), Prof. Stefano Usai (Dean of the Faculty of Economic, Law and Political Sciences) and Prof. Giorgio Giacinto (Erasmus Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture) visited The Hague.

They had meetings with THUAS Faculty Coordinators of Internationalisation, Claudia Dierks from Management and Organisation (MO), Marysia Piësla from Masters and Professional Courses (MPC), Rob Laas from Business Finance and Management (BFM), Fidelis Theinert/Hidde Duivenvoorden from Technology Innovation and Society (TIS) and with Eveke de Louw/ Claudia Bulnes (Internationalisation). All of the Faculties saw possibilities for cooperation and this will be investigated further.

In the afternoon, two of the party went on a tour of the Faculty of Technology, Innovation and Society in Delft and Prof. Usai had meetings with the coordinators of the China and Brazil Strategic Platforms and with I. Meerts and J. van Udden, involved in Research Platforms. That evening the Director of the Board, Leonard Geluk, and Professor Carucci signed the Memorandum of Understanding establishing UNICA as a strategic partner.